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M72 LAW Archival Print


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Gun art is cool. Emphasis on gun. Actually, you know what? Emphasis on art, too. This is a gallery-quality print made with the best printing equipment that money can buy. Hang it on your wall and it’ll look like Tom Clancy took over the MoMA and got really into pastels.

It’s also a limited edition. We made 25 of these, and that’s it. Forever. And one of them was a blem, so that knocked us down to 24 right off the bat.

This will serve you well for the next few decades. After that, it’ll serve your grandkids well when they post it online and brag about their based grandma/grandpa.

  • Archival inkjet print
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 305 gsm
  • Baryta rag
Weight 1 oz